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This page provides you with plant keys, special plant information, and plant lists for Colorado flora in various parts of the state.

Plant Keys

  1. Rich Scully's "Key to Potentillas of Colorado".
  2. Rich Scully's "Key to Lamiaceae (Mints) of Colorado".
  3. Rich Scully's "Key to Solanaceae (Nightshade) of Colorado".
  4. Craig Freeman's "Key to Chenopodium and Teloxys of Colorado".
  5. From the "New Mexico Botanist" newsletter: Robert Sivinski's "Key to Mentzelia of New Mexico" and Patrick Alexander's "Key to Heuchera of New Mexico".
  6. Vegetative Key to Willows.
  7. David Buckner's "Common Grass Tribes Flow Chart"

Special Plant Information

Three-letter Family Acronyms for Vascular Plants (PDF).

Local, State, and Regional Plant Checklists

A) Local Checklists

B) Colorado State-wide Checklists

Catalog of the Colorado Flora, Weber and Wittman

University of Colorado Plant Databases

C) Regional Checklists

Checklists of Plants Found on Colorado Native Plant Society Field Trips

Colorado Native Plant Society members keep lists of plants observed on many CoNPS field trips. Please email your new plant lists to

We hope you will join the Colorado Native Plant Society on its field trips. See the Field Trips page and the individual Chapter pages or the Calendar of Events for field trip information. All trips are free and open to everyone.

Trip Location (All trips were in Colorado unless otherwise noted.)

Leader Recorders
# of pages alphabetized  by family
# of pages alphabetized by genus
Hoosier Pass, Summit & Park Counties, CO 07/17/2010     Observed on CoNPS Field Trip
Opal Lake, Archuletta County, CO 07/10/2010 Susan Halabrin and Al Schneider Bob Powell Upper montane forest, SE San Juan Mtns; SE Archuleta County, south side of Rio Blanco Valley. Harris Lake Quadrangle. Plants found along the trail to Opal Lake.
Lair O'Bear, Jefferson County, CO 6/10/2010 Lenore Mitchell     CoNPS field trip, variable terrain from riverside to ponderosa forest
Cannonball Mesa, Montezuma County, CO 04/25/2009 Al Schneider, Arnold Clifford Loraine Yeatts Field trip to view plants on clay slope of Morrison Formation and on rimrock cap of Dakota sandstone.
Aiken Canyon, Southwest of Colorado Springs

American Basin, Uncompahgre Mts., W. of Lake City
Gay Austin Stanley Smookler Hike through American Basin to Sloan Lake, 11300 ft. to 12000 ft.
Billy Pardee Ranch, Pueblo County
Rick Rhoades Rick Brune, Jane Wustrow Searched, unsuccessfully, for Frasera coloradense on outcrop of Greenhorn limestone; T24 R66W?
Black Rock Canyon, Carrizo Mts., Arizona
Arnold Clifford, Sandy Friedley, Charlie King Mary Kemp Comments: Plants of special interest include Astragalus calycosus, A. coltonii, Erigeron argentius, Heuchera rubescens, Petrophyton ceaspitosum, Phlox austromontana, P. cluteana.
E = endemic to Colorado; I = introduced; G or S+# = global occurrences, 1 = < 5, 2 = 6-20, 3 = 21-100 populations, 4 or 5 = secure but rare in parts of range, esp. at periphery; LE or LT = listed as endangered or threatened
Buffalo Creek Fire, Pike Nat'l Forest S. of Pine Junction
Steve Vest & Rick Brune Jerry Duncan Field trip to view effects of a massive fire on May 18, 1996 and of recovery efforts.
1 = Top of the World campground, 2 = Heli Spot area. A = very abundant, = not in bloom.
Butler Ranch, Pueblo County
Rick Rhoades Rick Brune, Jane Wustrow North canyon rim & drainages at junction of Herfano & Cucharas Rivers, T24W R64W

Carrizo Mountains, see "Black Rock Canyon"

Cap Rock Preserve, NW of fort Collins
Terri Schulz Keith & Terri Schulz Short but strenuous hike to see high quality shrubland & grassland communities and pre-settlement foothillls vegetation, including rare plant, Aletes humilis.
Cedar Mesa & vicinity: SE Utah from Natural Bridges to Valley of the Gods
Rick Brune, Loraine Yeatts Loraine Yeatts Site: A = Arch Canyon, BS = blow sand site N. of Bluff, CC = Cow Can., CM = Cedar Mesa, CR = Comb Ridge at UT hwy163, CW = Comb Wash camp at mouth of Arch Can., CW163 = Comb Wash at UT hwy 163, MC = Mule Can., NB = Natural Bridges, SI = Sand Island, VG = Valley of the Gods.
Rare or endangered plants: Asclepias cutleri, Astragalus cronquistii, Erigeron kachinesis, Eriogonum clavellatum.
Chimney & Lewis Canyon, Chalk Bluffs and vicinity, near Sterling
Don Hazlett, Bruce Bosley Bruce Bosley Trip focus: prairie wildflowers in Peetz Table Area which includes soft tertiary sandstone bluffs, canyons, and badlands. Noteworthy plants include Carex festucaceae, Pectis angustifolia, Talinum parviflorum. v = vegetative, bd = bud, fl = flower, ft = fruit.
Chuska Mts., New Mexico-Arizona Border
Arnold Clifford, Sandy Friedley, Charlie King Scott Ellis, Loraine Yeatts Comments: SW Chapter field trip from Tohatchi, NM, north along spine of Chuska Mts., to Red Rock, Az, to US 666 and Shiprock, NM
Plants of special interest: Astragalus chuskanus, endemic to Chuska Mts., Lesquerella navajoensis, Lysimachia hybridum, Cryptantha setosissima, Mentzelia sp. nov.
I = introduced; G or S+# = global occurrences, 1 = < 5, 2 = 6-20, 3 = 21-100 populations, 4 or 5 = secure but rare in parts of range, esp. at periphery; LE or LT = listed as endangered or threatened
CO Nat'l Mon., Ute Canyon, Grand Junction
Bob Clarke Bob Clarke Comments: E = endemic to Colorado; I = introduced; G or S+# = global occurrences, 1 = < 5, 2 = 6-20, 3 = 21-100 populations, 4 or 5 = secure but rare in parts of range, esp. at periphery; LE or LT = listed as endangered or threatened
Coal Creek, high plains uplands of Kiowa County
Mike Scott, Jonathan Friedman Mary Edwards Trip to explore ecology of high plains riparian & adjacent uplands plant communities on Coal & Kiowa creeks. Plant list produced by trip leaders, National Biological Service, 6/29/1993, also available.
Colorado Sandhills, Wells Ranch, Greeley Dunes Area
Rick Brune Loraine Yeatts, Rick Brune, Jan Wingate, Jerry Duncan Comments: Trip to Wells Ranch which has mosaic of Sandsage/Sand Bluestem Prairie & Sand Bluestem/ Sandreed Prairie, now rare plant associations due to overgrazing.
= not in bloom or fruit
Conejos River Basin, Conejos County
Patsy Douglas Tim Hogan Comments: Included subalpine forest near Spruce Park (ca. 10500'), meadows near Manga Pass to vicinity of Spruce Hole, area near Douglas Cabin & Aspen Glade Campground, and top of an escarpment at east end of basin (ca. 9000'). List not based on collections and some identifications may be tentative.
De-Na-Zin Wilderness, New Mexico 4/23/2007 Clifford & Schneider Yeatts, Turner, Bregar, Ward  

Delta area, see "Western Slope"

Devil's Head, Rampart Range, Pike NF
Judy Von Ahlefeldt Elaine Krakover
Dinosaur National Monument, CO-UT border
Lynne Riedel Loraine Yeatts * = not in bud, bloom, or fruit
Dinosaur National Monument, CO-UT border
Tamara Naumann Loraine Yeatts Trip route followed road N from Monument Headquarters to Harpers Corner with stops at following overlooks & trails. P = Plug Hat Butte, E = Escalante Overlook, C = Canyon Overlook, F = Fremont rockart site, I = Island Park Overlook & trail, H = Harpers Corner Trail
Plants of Special Concern: Oreocarya rollinsii, Boechera fernaldiana
Peripheral: Fritillaria pudica
New records for DINO: Holosteum umbellatum, Ranunculus jovis
Dolores River, Bradfield Bridge Area, SW Colorado
Leslie Stewart Leslie Stewart Southwest Chapter field trip; ADV = non-native
Sites visited: 1 = Dolores R.; 2 = dry west facing hillside next to Dolores R.; 3 = Pinon Juniper flat above Narraguinnep Creek
East Carrizo Creek, SE prairies
Rick Brune, Meg Van Ness Loraine Yeatts Frasera coloradensis site, on Greenhorn limestone with much interbedded sandstone; elev. 5000 ft.
Maps: Baca County sheet 3, 7.5' Carrizo Mt., T33S R50W NE1/4 S9
East Cottonwood Creek, SE prairies
Rick Brune, Meg Van Ness Loraine Yeatts Sapindus sapinaria var. drummondii site, on W. side of Cottonwood Creek road where road crosses fence line between S30 & S 31.
Maps: Baca County sheet 3, 7.5' Carrizo Mt., T33S R50W SW SW S30; NW NW S31
Enchanted Mesa, Boulder County
Boulder Chapter Bob Farley, Scott Peterson
Escalante Canyon near Delta
Peggy Lyon Theron Hunter and Loraine Yeatts
Annual Meeting field trip.
Eureka Gulch, Silverton
John Bregar John Bregar 112 species observed
Florrisant Fossil Beds National Monument, W of Colorado Springs
Mary Edwards

Fort Carson: The Hogback, SW of Colorado Springs
Rick Brune, Meg Van Ness Loraine Yeatts Hogback, elev. 5320 - 5581 ft., is in intrusive Tertiary basalt radiating from Spanish Peaks
Maps: Las Animas County sheet 2; 7.5' Brown Sheep Camp; T30S R60W SW1/4S27 NE1/4S34
Four Corners, Montezuma County
Richard Moseley & Charlie King Richard Moseley, Charlie King, Susan Komarek Southwest Chapter trip to 1 = Mesa Verde National Park; 2 = Mancos shale sites S of Pagosa; 3 = Pizza Hut site w of Pagosa; 4 = Chimney Rock site.
= endemic species
Four Corners Area, Farmington, NM and vicinity
Ken Heil, Mark Porter Loraine Yeatts, Arnold Clifford, Bill Jennings Comments: Ken Heil, San Juan College, Mark Porter, Santa Ana College, PLM specialist, Arnold Clifford, Ecosphere botanist, and Carolyn Crawford, ASC specialist, led premier tour of rare plant sites: 1=San Juan College & vicinity, 3=BLM Critical Habitat, 4=Hogback, 5=Bloomfield vicinity, 6=La Boca. Plant encountered at but not necessarily restricted to listed site number. Rare plants: Penstemon breviculus, Asclepias sanjuanensis, Sclerocactus mesae-verde, S. cloveriae sp. brackii, Pediocactus knowltonii, Astragalus humillimus, A. proximus, Gilia formosa. = not in bloom.
Grand Mesa Fen Inventory, East of Grand Junction
Bob Clarke Bob Clarke Comments: Plateau Chapter trip to Kannah Creek headwaters
E = endemic to Colorado; I = introduced; G or S+# = global occurrences, 1 = < 5, 2 = 6-20, 3 = 21-100 populations, 4 or 5 = secure but rare in parts of range, esp. at periphery; LE or LT = listed as endangered or threatened
Grays Peak, West of Denver in Clear Creek County
Jeff Dawson Loraine Yeatts Comments: Hike Grays Peak trail to locate & recover rare plant sites for previous collections of Aquilegia saximontana, Askelia nana, Draba grayana, D. exunquiculata, D. streptobrachia, Ranunculus gelidus ssp. grayi.
E = endemic to Colorado; I = introduced; G or S+# = global occurrences, 1 = < 5, 2 = 6-20, 3 = 21-100 populations, 4 or 5 = secure but rare in parts of range, esp. at periphery; LE or LT = listed as endangered or threatened
Green Mt., Golden
Gayle Weinstein Gayle Weinstein 7.5' Morrison quad map
Green Mt., Golden
Loraine & Dick Yeatts, J. Wingate, V. Richards Loraine Yeatts Basic plant ID for beginners using Rocky Mt. Flower Finder & Colorado Flora plant keys.
Map: 7.5' Morrison quad
Green Mt., Golden
Loraine & Dick Yeatts Loraine Yeatts  
Gunnison Basin Lichens, near Gunnison
Sally White, Larry St. Clair Sally White

Site: Dry Gulch, 6 mi. E of Gunnison, 1/4 mi E on power line road near sandstone outcrop
List reviewed by Dr. Larry St. Clair
High Creek Fen, South Park
Alan Carpenter

Hoosier Ridge, Hoosier Pass area between Breckenridge and Fairplay
Robin Bingham Sue Kamal Area east of Hoosier Pass noted for Pleistocene relict species including Braya humilis, B. glabella, Saussurea weberi, Draba borealis, Armeria scabra ssp. sibirica, Eutrema edwardii, Ranunculus gelidus.
Horseshoe Cirque, Mosquito Range W of Fairplay
Barbara Siems Ron Abbott, Diana Mullineaux Horseshoe Cirque, on W. side of Horseshoe Mt., is accessed by Four Mile Creek road ca. 1 mile S. of Fairplay. Substrate predominantly limestone & dolomite. Rain on trip day limited number of species observed.
Hovenweep Ruins, SW Colorado
Leslie Stewart Leslie Stewart Southwest Chapter field trip highlighting flora of Hovenweep National Monument
ADV = non native
I-25 rest area near Pueblo
Rick Brune, Meg Van Ness Loraine Yeatts
Jackson County Kettle Lakes, Park Range
John Sanderson Mike Denslow Trip to NE flank of Park Range to explore glacially formed wetlands for Northern Rockies plant species including Azaleastrum albiflorum, Trillium ovatum, Drosera rotundifolia, Cypripedium & Carex spp.
Kennebec Pass, La Plata Mountains West of Durango
Sue Komarek Sue Komarek, Leslie Stewart Southwest Chapter field trip.
Kim Area, SE Colorado
Rick Brune, Meg Van Ness Loraine Yeatts Diverse habitats including a 1910 burn, mountain fen, lakes, forest, meadows, and a special plant, Lilium philadelphicum.
Laramie River Shale Barrens 7/6/2007 Scully, Doyle, Howell Lee Curtis  
Long Lake / Niwot Ridge, Front Range Indian Peaks
Miriam Denham, Jane Foley Miriam Denham, Jane Foley
Los Lagos Ranch, Rollinsville, Front Range
Betsy Baldwin Sue Kamal Frasera coloradensis site along east side of hwy. 109 ca. 9 mi. N. of Kim, just before hwy. jogs east; 7.5' USGS quad map Robbers Roost Canyon, T31S R53W NW1/4 S3
McElmo Canyon (Sand Canyon), Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, West of Cortez
Leslie Stewart, Sue Komarek Leslie Stewart Southwest Chapter field trip to feature plant communities.
Mesa de Maya, Lauden Ranch, SE Colorado
Ivo Lindauer Miriam Denham The Lauden Ranch and Gotera Canyon were areas of interest.

Mesa Verde National Park, Prater Ridge Trail

5/20 & 6/17, 2006
Al Schneider Al Schneider, Leslie Stewart, Mary Kemp Found Fritillaria atropurpurea and Iliamna grandiflora, rare plants for Mesa Verde
Mesa Verde National Park, SW Colorado
Dick Moseley, Charlie King Marian J. Rohman, Charlie King Rare plant tour with Marilyn Colyer
Middle Park
John Anderson Alan Carpenter
Moffat County, NW Colorado
Steve O'Kane Loraine Yeatts V = Vermillon Cliffs, L = Limestone bluffs, I = Mouth of Irish Canyon, R = Raven Ridge
Montezuma County, SW Colorado, Haycamp Mesa and Hovenweep National Monument
Carol Brandt Velma Richards, Loraine Yeatts Haycamp Mesa, T37N R14W S10,17,18 along road, USGS map 7.5' Dolores East, CO.
Hovenweep, Montezuma Co, CO & San Juan Co., UT, USGS map 15' Cajon Mesa, UT.
Mt. Bross, Mosquito range W of Alma
William A. Weber Dr. William A. Weber, Loraine Yeatts 7.5' Alma quad map. Area of previous intense mining activity.
Mt. Evans, Front Range W of Denver
Betty Willard Bob Powell Plants may occur at more than one site but are listed only at the 1st site observed.
I. = 14140', Mt. Evans parking lot; II. = 13600', 1st stop below summit; III. = 13000', 2nd stop below summit; IV. = 12830', Summit Lake
Habitat info: BF = boulder field, CB = creek bank, D = dry, F = fell field, G = gravel, M = meadow, RC = rock crevice, RW = running water, S = Scree, SB = snow bed, T = turf, W = wet
Mt. Zirkel Wilderness Area, Park Range N of Steamboat
Fort Collins Chapter Gail Evans, Dieter Wilkens North Park Rhododendron trip along Lone Pine Creek W. of Walden to Lake Katherine in the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness Area.
Narraguinnep Canyon RNA, NW of Cortez
Leslie Stewart Leslie Stewart Trip to explore Narraguinnep Canyon and contribute to plant species list for Forest Service RNA  I = introduced alien species.  Email Narraguinnep Natural Area Steward, Al Schneider, for additions to this list.
Neota WIlderness, NW of Rocky Mt. Nat'l Park
Jody K. Nelson Jody K. Nelson Cross country hiking to see plants of the subalpine and alpine zones, including the only known population of Subularia aquatica in Colorado.
North Table Mt. 1, Golden
Sally White, Loraine Yeatts Sally White, Loraine Yeatts Of Special Interest: Diverse plant communities, where plains & foothills species mingle, include lichen covered lava cliffs, slickrock & talus, wetlands, grasslands, shrublands. Possibilities for preservation???
North Table Mt. 2, Golden
Paul Kilburn Jerry Duncan Of Special Interest: Diverse plant communities, where plains & foothills species mingle, include lichen covered lava cliffs, slickrock & talus, wetlands, Stipa comata grasslands, shrublands. = not in bloom.
Owl Creek Pass near Ridgway
Peggy Lyon & Al Schneider Peggy Lyon & Al Schneider Southwest Chapter trip. Plants recorded along road to Owl Creek Pass and along Courthouse Trail.
Pagosa Peak, N of Pagosa Springs
Charley King, Richard E. Moseley, Jr. Charley King, Richard E. Moseley, Jr. Southwest Chapter trip to Nichol's Draw uplands and wetlands on slopes of Pagosa Peak
I = Piedra Rd. roadside near Hatcher Lake
II = Perry Dr. roadside near Jack's Pasture Rd.
Pagosa Springs Country, W of Pagosa Springs
Dick Moseley, Charlie King Leslie Stewart SW Chapter field trip in Pagosa Springs area: 1 = Mancos Shale site ca. 2 mi S of intersection US160 & US84; 2 = Turkey Springs area on Newt Jack rd. off Piedra road ca. 7 mi NW of US 160; 3 = Piedra R. Canyon, S of Piedra road bridge at Hinsdale Co. line; A = non-native, E = endemic
Pawnee National Grassland 1, Weld County
M. Shoop, J. Dodd, R. Engle, G. Turner Sue Martin Field trip to observe northern Colorado grassland ecology and the dynamics of vegetation & vegetation change in the Pawnee Grasslands.
Pawnee National Grassland 2, Weld County
Rick Brune

Pawnee National Grassland 3, Weld County
Jim Borland, Rick Brune Jan Wingate Special attractions include: Alpine Feverfew, Lucky Ferns, Mountain Plover, Plains Topminnow, Snapping Turtles, clay barrens, ridges and arroyos, scarp woodland with limber pine, Pawnee Buttes.
Perly Canyon, SE prairies
Rick Brune, Meg Van Ness Loraine Yeatts Proposed Nature Conservancy Site, owned by Jim Chancellor (946-5671); habitats include canyon rims, uplands, slopes, seep on cave wall behind dry pour off, plunge pool.
Phantom Canyon Preserve 1, Front Range near Virginia Dale
Alan Carpenter Brian Geils
Phantom Canyon Preserve 2, Front Range near Virginia Dale
Nature Conservancy Denise Larson Rare plants include Aletes humilis, Potentilla rupincola.
Pine Ridge Natural Area - Dixon Reservoir, Fort Collins, Colorado
Hugh MacKay Linda Smith CoNPS Northern Chapter Wildflower Walk
Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site 1, Las Animas County
Tom Eamons Mary Edwards
Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site 2, Las Animas County
Carolyn Crawford, Dave Anderson Bill Jennings, Rick Brune, Jerry Duncan, Loraine Yeatts Comments: Asclepiadaceae workshop & field trip to relocate & mark new occurrences of Asclepias uncialis . Common plants seen at most sites were usually recorded only for the first site where observed.
1 = Burson camp, 2 = Taylor Arroyo rim, 3 = S. side canyon to Taylor Arroyo below Burson camp, 4 = wetlands at head of Red Rock Canyon, 5 = mesa top between Iron & Minnie Canyons,  . = not in bloom
Plains Conservation Center, Aurora
A. Armstrong, S. Emrich, D. Buchner, M. Denham Sandy Emrich
Poudre Canyon, Laramie River, Laramie County

Beth Painter Late, wet spring; Lilium philadelphicum not yet visible.
B = Boston Peak Fen, H = Hoenholtz lakes & access road, K = Kinnikinnick Meadows
Prairie Divide, near Turkey Roost, Larimer, County
Rich Scully, Mary Jane Howell Jerry Duncan, Mike Denslow Site: Bull Garden, 3.5 mi SW of Turkey Roost; T11 R72W S32, ca. 7700 ft.
Trip features: type population of Potentilla rupincola and compare with P. effusa, its close relative; an Aletes humilis population; granite overhangs and riparian vegetation of Bull Creek.  . = not in bloom
Pueblo Lake State Rec. Area near Pueblo
Jim Locklear Bobbi Siems, Rick Brune, Jeff Dawson Goals of trip: (1) to relocate & assess status of Asclepias uncialis, (2) search for additional population in other areas of suitable habitat, (3) assess seed collecting feasibility for off-site conservation.
Pueblo West and Arkansas Valley, Pueblo County
Jim Borland John Anderson IC = Ideal Basic Cement Plant; PW = Pueblo West; USC = University of Southern Colorado campus, near water tower
Purgatoire Canyon, Dinosaur Trackway, S of La Junta
Dexter Hess Loraine Yeatts Plants observed en route to Picketwire Canyonlands Dinosaur Trackway; USGS 7.5' Beaty Canyon quad, R55W T28S.
I = introduced, E = endemic
Rabbit Valley & Vicinity, W of Grand Junction along I-70 near Utah border
Plateau Chapter, Peggy Lyon Gay Austin Comments: E = endemic to Colorado; I = introduced; G or S+# = global occurrences, 1 = < 5, 2 = 6-20, 3 = 21-100 populations, 4 or 5 = secure but rare in parts of range, esp. at periphery; LE or LT = listed as endangered or threatened
Rampart Range 1, Front Range W of Colorado Springs
Dave Powell, Neal Osbourne

Rampart Range 2, Front Range W of Colorado Springs
Frank Hawksworth Brian Geils GC = Gold Camp Road, west of Colorado Springs; RR = Rampart Range Road, north of Woodland Park & only includes species not seen along GC
Rattlesnake Canyon, W of Grand Junction near Mack
Dr. Walter A. Kelley Loraine Yeatts, Janet Wingate Map: 7.5' Mack quad; ADV = adventive, END = endemic
Comments: Hike of 6-7 mi. follows Old Ute Indian Trail from Pollock Can. to Rattlesnake Can., a Wilderness Study Area featuring Pinyon-Juniper community, arches, scenic views, slickrock.
Raven Ridge, near Rangely in Rio Blanco County
Tamara Naumann, Rusty Roberts BLM Loraine Yeatts, Tamara Naumann Trip visited part of ridge SE of Mormon Gap, approx. 6 mi west of Rangely, CO (topo map 7.5' Dinosaur, UT), a designated Area of Critical Environmental Concern & CO Natural Area to protect & monitor 7 rare Uintah Basin endemic plants species of special concern to CO. Substrate of shaley, decomposing Green River Formation barrens; 5500 - 5800 ft. elev.
Roxborough State Park, near Colorado Springs
Susan Kraner, Vicky Trammel Mary Edwards Combined trip with Denver Botanic Gardens. Habitat of Ribes americanum.
SE Utah Hanging Gardens, NW of Bluff Utah
Arnold Clifford, Sandy Friedley, Charlie King Loraine Yeatts Comments: Due to dry conditions and season, most plants not blooming; no comprehensive plant list made
Special plants: Primula specuicola, Epipactis gigantea, Anticlea (Zygadenus) vaginata, Erigeron kachinesis, Phacelia indecora, habenaria zoethcina
Sites: b = alcove in Bluff sandstone, j = John's Canyon (limestone stream bank terraces in Lower Rico Form.), r = Road Canyon (Cedar Mesa Sandstone vertical cliff seeps)
Sewemup Mesa, near Gateway
Walter A. Kelley Loraine Yeatts Map: 7.5' Roc Creek & Red Canyon quads; ADV = adventive, END = endemic. Comments: From hwy.141 along Dolores R. near S. end of mesa, hike follows obscure trail up cliff to a rimrock & slickrock Pinyon-Juniper-Oak desert shrub community with great views.
Shrine Pass, E of Vail
Nicole Ripley Stan Smookler Hike from 11200 ft. to summit of Shrine Mt.Through alpine bog & meadow ecosystems to see diverse alpine flora. 1 = subalpine mesic to dry meadow, 2 = subalp. wet meadow, 3= tundra
Taylor Arroyo, SE prairies
Rick Brune, Meg Van Ness Loraine Yeatts Comment:The Narrows section ca. 1 mi. above junction with Purgatoire River, bounded by sheer cliffs. Maps: Las Animas County sheet 2; 7.5' Voss Canyon; T30S R57W S30 & T30S R58W S25
Unaweep Canyon, between Gateway and Whitewater
Scott Ellis Bob Powell WM = wet meadow, MM = Meadow margins, DG = disturbed ground, PJ = Pinyon-Juniper woodland.
Uncompahgre Wilderness, West of Ridgway, Colorado
Gay Austin Stanley Smookler Trip route followed trail to Uncompahgre Peak, starting at 11400 ft. elev. to +1200 ft.
Vallecito Creek, East of Durango
Sandy Friedley Sandy Friedley, Leslie Stewart Southwest Chapter trip to visit plant communities of Vallecito Creek.
Western Slope, Delta and vicinity
Jim Ratzloff, Scott Ellis Jim Ratzloff Field trip to observe Mancos shale vegetation between Paonia & Delta and visit hanging garden sites of Escalante Canyon, west of Gunnison River after a year of exceptional rain.    . = plants of extremely restricted distribution or endemics limited to area visited.
Wind Forest, Front Range near Allenspark
Rich Scully, Mary Jane Howell Jerry Duncan Location: 2 mi. E-NE of Allenspark, T3N, R72W, S 19-20; 8700 ft.
Site of one of the largest populations of Aletes humilis, where it thrives in limber pine forest and on windswept cliffs.
  . = not blooming
Wolf Creek Pass, E of Pagosa Springs
Dick Moseley, Sara Brinton, Charlie King Dick Moseley, Sara Brinton, Charlie King Southwest Chapter trip to high subalpine and alpine plant communities near Lobo Overlook and above Wolf Creek Pass.
Wray, prairies of Yuma County
Bruce Bosley, Don Hazlett Bruce Bosley, Rick Brune Plants observed by Rick Brune in habitats: S = Sandhills N & E of Wray, B = blowout area just E of junction 54 Rd & HH Rd, F = Flirtation Point, BI = Beecher's Island, N = Hank Neuschwanger's pasture, G = generally distributed weedy species, W = stream ca. 11 mi W of Wray & 4 mi. N of US 34


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